Postdoc position (2+1 yrs)

The team of Prof. Keppens, strengthened by the ERC advanced grant PROMINENT, is responsible for the continued development and usage of the open-source MPI-AMRVAC tool We seek a postdoc, preferably with some experience in numerical magnetohydrodynamic simulations or at the very least, a sincere interest in learning High Performance Computing skills, to perform dedicated simulations of solar atmospheric phenomena involving prominences and flares. (S)he will be contributing to the development and application of MPI-AMRVAC, in use by dozens of researchers worldwide. The postdoc will become a team player in the ongoing ERC project PROMINENT. A postdoc position at our KU Leuven Department of Mathematics involves limited teaching assistant duties. We offer 2(+1) years.

Info on the post is at this website.

Online application before 16 july 2021 is at this website.