Postflare loop condensation without background heating.

Condensation formed in post-flare loop Author: Wenzhi Ruan

In the simulations of Prominence formation and active region coronal rain formation, extra heating is often needed to compensate the radiative loss inside the coronal loop. We aim to check whether the heating is necessary for the condensations happening inside the flare loop. Therefore, a simulation of flare loop cooling has been done. Here we show the results.

There is a current sheet inside the simulation box at the initial condition, which allows magnetic reconnection. Flare loop is formed due to the reconnection. The formation and cooling of the flare loop is simulated. A background heating is adopted for the region outside the flare loop to compensate the coronal energy loss owing to thermal conduction and radiative cooling, while the background heating inside the flare loop is set to zero.

The following movies demonstrate the evolution of density, temperature. A movie of background heating is also provided. We can see that condensation can happen inside flare loop even though there is no heating inside the loop.