Meet the team

  • Rony Keppens (PI)

    Rony is proud to lead the team, and is actively researching MHD, developing codes, and applying them to Solar and Prominence-related physics.


  • Jack Jenkins

    Involvement period: 2020-03-01-date
    2.5 & 3D formation, structure, and evolution of solar prominence condensations.
  • Xiaohong Li

    Involvement period: date--date
    2.5 & 3D simulation of coronal rain.
  • Beatrice Popescu Braileanu

    Involvement period: date--date
    Partial ionization effects and implementation in MPI-AMRVAC
  • Wenzhi Ruan

    Involvement period: date--date
    Impulsive phase of solar flares and coronal rains in gradual phase.


  • Niels Claes

    Involvement period: date--date
    Main developer of the Legolas code.
    Largely focused on MHD spectral theory applied to solar atmospheric configurations, with particular interest in thermal instabilities and prominence fine structure.
  • Joris Hermans

    Involvement period: date--date
    Solar tornadoes and thermal instability
  • Veronika Jercic

    Involvement period: date--date
    Oscillations of solar prominences with multi-threaded structure.
  • Jordi De Jonghe

    Involvement period: date--date
    Waves and instabilities in MHD and multi-fluid descriptions.
    Co-developer of the Legolas code.

Additional Members

  • Jean-Baptiste Durrive

    Modeling astrophysical fluids (i) analytically: developping a parametric model for MHD turbulence on one side, and working on MHD spectral theory on the other, (ii) numerically: developping a Python code for the aforementioned turbulence model.