Beatrice Popescu Braileanu

Contribution to MPI-AMRVAC development

a) Implementation of partial ionization effects through:

  • Ambipolar term in the induction equation in the MHD approximation. The ambipolar term is implemented using the supertimestepping technique.

“Effects of ambipolar diffusion on waves in the solar chromosphere”, B. Popescu Braileanu & R. Keppens, A&A, 2021, 10.1051/0004-6361/202140872

  • Two-fluid (charges and neutrals) equations. The collisional terms are implemented implicitly in a semi-implicit scheme.

b) Splitting of the density and pressure variables into time-independent and time-dependent parts

Application of the code to the study of:

  • wave propagation

  • instabilities (work in progress)